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Our Universal Beams, also known as I-beams, I sections, universal beams and RSJs are available in a range of sizes and kilogrammes per metre, Universal Beams can be bought as standard stock lengths or cut to meet your requirements.

Our Universal Beams are highly suited to construction and manufacturing projects where structural support is essential.

Ferrum Steel based in Baldoyle, Dublin, Ireland supplies a vast and diverse range of structural heavy section to the construction industry across Ireland.

Here at Ferrum Steel,  we deal in steel, lots of it. From small orders to the full structural support of commercial projects. For the most part, our focus is both commercial & residential steel. One of the key ingredients in a structural residential build are Universal Beams and Columns – otherwise known as the I-Beam /-Column or H-Beam /-Column because of it’s cross-section.

Universal Beams and Columns come in a range of sizes, from light structural to heavy, but what remains the same is the famous cross-section which gives its names.

The genius of both of these steel products are their efficiency in load carrying, that is, the amount of weight they can hold compared to the amount of steel used. This has been proven for both bending and shear load bearing.

Knowing when to use each of these steel products is very much dependent on the job, so we recommend asking our team. Ferrum Steel can handle all your steel needs, whether it is a couple of universal beams for a DIY project or an end-to-end structural solution.

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